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The 13th Annual Meeting of the Healthy Aging Society

December 11, 2021

13:00-18:00 Online

Healthy aging in the with/post Covid-19 era

From last year to this year, the new coronavirus has been rampant and endangers the health of people around the world. While there is a misconception that infectious diseases that have been afflicting humans since ancient times are already a thing of the past, at this academic meeting, we would like to face infectious diseases again, looking back on the wisdom that human beings have cultivated from Western medicine to Oriental medicine, and think about healthy aging in the with/post Covid-19 era.

Dr. Sotaro Mine, a doctor and pharmacist who specializes in hematopathology / infectious pathology, immunology, and viral science, and a doctoral researcher at the American National Research Institute, who lives in the United States, is invited to give a special lecture on this new coronavirus infection.

In addition, we are planning to invite Dr. Kenji Watanabe, a visiting professor at the Center for Kampo Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, and Dr. Kenji Watanabe, the director of Shukotodo Otsuka Clinic, to give a practical talk from his recent book, "Protecting Your Body from Infectious Diseases with Kampo!".

Taking advantage of the characteristics of online holding, we plan to set up a forum for discussions between performers and participants.We are also accepting applications for general abstracts, so we are waiting for applications from a wide range of abstracts regardless of the theme.

We hope that many people will be able to participate in this academic meeting, regardless of location restrictions.


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