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Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

About M Bio Technology

Taking the pulse of an older patient

Our Objectives

For patients suffering from "systemic illness" - Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID)

Mycoplasma infection is a disease that causes pneumonia, but also diseases such as asthma, arthritis, nephritis, meningitis, encephalitis, vasculitis and dermatitis. However, its diagnosis has been a challenge for decades. Based on our core technology, "mycoplasma glycolipid-antigen," we challenge conventional methods of diagnosis, prevention (vaccine), and treatment (antibody drug discovery).    

Our Management Team

A management team involved in all aspects of research and development, product development and business strategy


Dr Kazuhiro Matsuda, MD

CEO and Director

Key Opinion Leader in mycoplasma research with over 30 years of academic expertise. As an MD, he carries out MID Prism diagnoses using M Bio Technology's technology at clinics and hospitals. He also actively conducts activities to raise awareness of MID and is involved in building an international alliance.


Dr Sachie Matsuda

Clinical trials, Rep for alliances

Sachie is a specialist with deep insight into dermatological disorders and mycoplasma infections. She served as the director of the dermatology department at a core hospital in Tokyo and has worked on the CIDP retrospective research at the Department of Neurology, Yamaguchi University. At M Bio Technology, she is in charge of clinical trials and collaboration with domestic and overseas medical institutions.

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Makoto Nakamura

Management Director

A financial professional who has served as a branch manager of a major bank. Having over ten several years of work experience in a major venture capital management department, he has been familiar with the successes and failures of many venture companies. Leveraging that experience, as head of management at M Biotech, he is preparing for the funding needed for drug development and clinical trials in rare and intractable diseases.

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Our Perspectives

Future business outlook

M Bio Technology never stop its innovations


We build on technology and intellectual property for the identification and chemical synthesis of antigens detected on the cell membrane of mycoplasma. Additionally, we build hardware for drug discovery (including next-generation drug discovery platform), vaccine development, diagnostic agents, and medical care. We endeavor to take active leadership in the field and establish a social foundation that to appropriately diagnose and treat mycoplasma.

Company Information

M Bio Technology Main Office and Laboratory

Chiba University Inohana Innovation Plaza #206
1-8-15 Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
260-0856 Japan

+81(0)90 8486 5727

Inquiries about products, services, collaboration, etc.


Registered address

2-3-103 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku,

158-0081 Tokyo Japan

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