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Diagnosis-MID Prism

Proprietary technology - Mycoplasma lipid antigen antibody test

The unique "MID Prism" measurement technology enables the detection of mycoplasma even in diseases where it could not be detected by conventional methods.

Optical prism with refraction (Rendering

MID Prism- concept

A novel diagnostic method developed by our company provides an overall picture of mycoplasma infection. We can establish whether the cause of various diseases is derived from mycoplasma, replacing the conventional method that could only detect "acute pneumonia".

The conventional method (particle agglutination reaction PA method) required a Mycoplasma antibody titer of 1:320 or more for detection. Additionally, Mycoplasma pneumoniae is difficult to culture and requires a special medium. 

*"MID Prism" is a word that expresses the concept of the diagnostic system. It is not a brand name of a specific pharmaceutical product.

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