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A world leader in mycoplasma infectious diseases

We are a research and development company working to innovate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mycoplasma infections    

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Challenge of mycoplasma infection

We are an R&D company that comprehensively fights mycoplasma infectious disease (MID)

The mechanical and physiological properties of mycoplasma have made its detection challenging.    


Recent studies have shown that mycoplasma is not merely a "cold", but is also directly linked to a variety of conditions previously thought to be unrelated, such as rheumatism, heart disease, and neurological disease.   


Our patented technology is able to identify, analyze and synthesize the antigen present on the surface membrane of mycoplasma.    


We are developing "MID Prism", with the aim to better monitor the disease. We aim to further develop this platform for vaccine development and disease treatment.  

Our Key Strategy

Our key strategy is to bring our technical value built on over 30 years of R&D to the business stage. We aim to benefit society by providing "diagnosis", "therapeutics" and "preventive" solutions to MID.


We are not just a manufacturer of mycoplasma infection diagnostics. As a research and development company, we continually disseminate knowledge and intellectual property      globally since our establishment in 2005. We are solution driven and have cultivated a rich environment of collaborations with researchers, licensing firms and pharmaceutical companies to address unmet medical needs.


In order to deliver our technology and knowledge to the world, we are actively engaging in discussions to further develop joint ventures and to license out our technology.


​The unique "MID Prism" measurement technology enables the detection of mycoplasma even in disease that could not be detected by conventional methods.

A specific monoclonal antibody reaction can be induced from the MID vaccine. This can suppress the growth of mycolasma bacteria.


A comprehensive mycoplasma infection prevention platform consisting of preventive vaccines, early diagnosis and pre-illness medical care


What is mycoplasma infection?

Mycoplasma infections are often regarded as a simple "cold". However, its prognosis includes bronchitis and pneumonia, and in some cases even advanced vasculitis and neuritis.

Mycoplasma infections are characterized by prolonged symptoms and can present as a chronic or acute condition. The symptoms are difficult to distinguish from chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases.


The mycoplasma lipid antigen antibody test can help guide diagnosis treatments. 

More details

Designated clinics [Japan only]

You are now able to receive the high-precision, new mycoplasma diagnosis at designated medical institutions in Japan. 


Bringing our achievements to the world

   M Bio Technology promotes active information dissemination, alliances, collaboration, and licensing in order to deliver our research and development across the globe, including to developing countries.


Global Consortium

We take initiatives aiming to develop an international consensus for Mycoplasma Infections Diseases

We are the administrator of the LinkedIn virtual consortium. We will collect opinions of pharmaceutical companies, researchers, open innovation managers, doctors, and patients who support this concept at a global scale. 


Super City concept

Supporting the creation of MID supporting systems in each country / region

The control of infectious diseases is in society’s interest and should be managed at a macro scale. The Super City concept will build on the MID Prism concept to establish an infectious disease control network in each country and region.


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